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Regulatory Approval

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Regulatory Approval


All NDA applications must meet the basic substantive requirement that the drug is both “safe” and “effective.” The FDA “weighs the product’s demonstrated effectiveness against its risks to determine whether the benefits outweigh the risks.” Additionally, there must be adequate manufacturing controls in place before the FDA will approve a drug, including compliance with FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) requirements. The drug’s labeling must also meeting applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

The Challenge

While an NDA applicant must focus on the NDA requirements in order to achieve regulatory approval, the applicant must also consider other regulatory issues in the event of drug approval. For example, there are numerous naming considerations a company faces in the process of creating a drug’s name including the safety review or proposed proprietary name through the Division of Medication Error and Prevention Analysis (DMEPA) and Office of Drug Promotion (OPDP), FDA Draft Guidance regarding proprietary names, marketing metric research and linguistic evaluation, regulatory and name safety trademark and health authority name submissions.

The Strategy

KLS’ experts understand the challenges surrounding both the standard of review requirements and other considerations NDA applicants face upon regulatory approval, including the process of developing a proprietary drug name. KLS is well versed in the process of developing the proprietary name for a drug product and is able to assist companies in piloting this process. KLS is well equipped to address the complexities surrounding the regulatory approval process and will work directly with your team to navigate these complexities to achieve successful regulatory approval.

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